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Worn out spark plugs cause you to use more fuel than you need to. Save big money by having your headlights restored instead of replacing them.

To get it ready, stop by a Midas Hawaii location. Our expert auto repair mechanics are equipped to check for leaks and repair car air conditioning systems so you can stay cool.

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A Factory-Recommended Maintenance can help extend the life of your car and prevent high-cost auto repairs. Your car is one of your largest investments and we can help you protect it! If your car needs parts, Midas service technicians use those with high quality materials which have undergone tests for durability, reliability and performance. If you answered yes, it may be time to replace your vehicle's shocks or struts.

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Midas Suspension specialists are fully qualified in the latest Suspension diagnostics and technology. They will inspect your entire suspension system, including rack and pinion steering gear, struts and CV joints. A quick, inexpensive flush can help maintain the these systems. Check out our online specials for engine, power steering, transmission, cooling, brake system flushes. This could cause premature wear and damage and should be addressed immediately. Synthetic oils, which are primarily chemically compounded lubricants, are also available.

Changing your oil every 3, miles 5, kilometers , or as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer based on your driving conditions, is vital for your vehicle and can help you avoid costly problems.

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To help keep your car running smoothly, we recommend having your exhaust system checked at least once a year. Under inflated tires can lower gas mileage by 0. Properly inflated tires are safer and last longer too. These might be signs that you need to take your car in to Midas to have it checked. The lower the number, the easier the oil will flow and protect in cold weather when starting your car.

The 2nd number If you notice any of these symptoms, stop by your local shop today. Save time by buying a 4-wheel alignment service online!

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Read our complete Night Driving Tips to help you stay safe on the road. In fact, our mechanics are trained to perform factory-recommended maintenance services for most vehicles. Have your wheel alignment checked and adjusted to maximize the fuel efficiency of your car and prolong the life of your tires.

In addition to being North America's leader in brake and exhaust services, Midas provides expert tire service and sales with genuine. Watch this video demonstrates some things you can do while driving to increase the fuel efficiency of your car and save money on gas.

Your appointment is confirmed and we'll contact you by email or phone if we are not able to commit to your scheduled time. While driving, visibility can be reduced, as are the typical driver's depth perception, peripheral vision and color recognition. Well maintained tires help ensure you're receiving the proper level of traction and road-hugging performance; as well as the ability to funnel water out from under the tire to reduce hydroplaning.

The three most common reasons for it are not rotating the tires, wheels that are out of balance, and wheels that are not properly aligned. We think we do a great job but don't take our word for it.

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A well maintained vehicle helps you save money and prevents big auto repairs! Diesel vehicles extra. Not valid with any other discount. Oil Change with National Brand Oil conventional oil, up to 5 quarts 2. Install New Oil Filter high-end and special canister filters extra 3. Visually Check Brake Fluid Level Inspect Air Filter Inspect Wiper Blades Inspect Belts and Hoses Check and Set Tire Pressure Clean Front and Rear Exterior Windshields Vacuum Front and Rear Floorboards.